24.07.2019 DP2 “Zwerver II” joins Cobra cable project again!

The DP-2 “Zwerver II” has joined the Cobra project again during March 2019. Her scope […]

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15.03.2019 DP2 “Zwerver II” starts trenching in Belgium waters!

The DP-2 “Zwerver II” mobilised during January 2019 for the NEMO Link trenching scope. A […]

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10.02.2019 DP1 “Zwerver III” continues her operation in Mexican Waters!

Our DP-1 “Zwerver III” continues her operations in Mexican Waters until April 2019. She is […]

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26.01.2019 DP2 “Zwerver II” supports Cobra Cable!

Our DP-2 “Zwerver II” has recently finished her operations on the Cobra Cable project in […]

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26.10.2018 “Zwerver I” supports ZOHR project Egypt!

Our multi purpose support vessel “Zwerver I” left the Persian Gulf during April 2018 to […]

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