DP1 “Zwerver III” backfills in shallow waters!

In November and December 2020, our “Zwerver III” was chartered for backfill operations in German waters.

Approximately 500.000 m3 sand had to be backfilled in a shallow area.

The vessel was operating in DP with waterdepths varying between 15 and 3,5 m.

During the September month, our DP2 “Zwerver I” was involved in a UXO identification and removal campaign in German waters. (more…)

Our DP2 “Zwerver I” was chartered for repair- and remedial works on a subsea export cable in Dutch offshore windfarm. (more…)

During the summer season, our DP1 “Zwerver III” left Harlingen for the Arctic area of Russia. (more…)

Our DP2 Zwerver II was hired to arrange a wirelay of pullwire,  combined with ROV operations. (more…)