“Zwerver I” in transit from Maldives to Kuwait

Our “Zwerver I” departed during July from the Maldives to Kuwait.
In Kuwait the vessel is chartered by Van Oord Dredging & Marine Contractors for their KNPC New Refinery project.
The scope of work for our vessel is supporting the dredging equipment of Van Oord during the complete project.

The “Zwerver III” successfully finished her the “JN3 Cable lay project” between Normandy(F) and Jersey (Channel Islands). The vessel was involved as multi purpose support vessel on this project for contactor Prysmian Powerlink Services Ltd.
The scope of work was handling of anchors (18 t and 22,5 t), PLGR runs and MBES survey operations in currents up to 4 knots.
On the picture, the vessel is shown during demob to Rotterdam, with a large amount of deckload consisting of 7 Delta Flipper anchors (2 x 18 t, 1 x 22,5 t, 4 x 10 t), anchor wires and survey container.