Construction of New “Zwerver II” – Walk-to-Work Vessel on schedule!

The construction of the new Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel “Zwerver II” is on schedule.

The hull is almost finished, with all details attached. Last week the main winches were installed, including the unique designed aft crane-/gangway column.

“Zwerver II”  –  Walk-to-Work | Offshore Support | Dredging Support 

The vessel is equipped with DP-2, 4-point mooring, large Knuckleboom-crane of 510 Tm with an Active Heave Compensated winch, a Knuckleboom-crane of 370 Tm.

Further, a Passive Heave Compensated gangway will be installed to transfer personnel to windfarms / platforms. The bollard pull of the vessel will be approximately 65 T which considering the draft of only 2.7m in this class is exceptional.

The vessel can be employed mainly in the offshore- and renewables market with services like Offshore Renewable maintenance/Walk-to-Work, cable laying, cable burial, diving support, ROV-support, dredging support, anchor handling, PLGR-ops as well as many other activities.

There is accommodation on board for 17 persons and will be MLC certified. This number can be increased up to 21 persons by involving available accommodation containers which are owned by HvSDS.

The delivery of the “Zwerver II” is scheduled for spring 2016.

For further information, please contact Mr. Arjan van Stee.