2nd Engineer <3000KW (or maroff)

As a 2nd Engineer you:

  • are head of the engine room department and as such manage and supervise all engine room operations;
  • execute leadership transfer knowledge, train and motivate the engine room department staff;
  • coordinate all maintenance and repair work including the administration;
  • are responsible for correct and efficient use and management of materials, fuel and lubricants on board;
  • are responsible for the planned maintenance and repairs carried out by third parties on board;
  • are responsible for the generation of energy and fresh water;
  • are responsible for loading and transferring fuel and lube oils;
  • are responsible for bunker operations;
  • are responsible for engine room watches;
  • are responsible for crane operations on board;
  • are responsible for maintaining good communications with the office on shore and the clients of Van Stee Offshore

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